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Tut mir außerordentlich leid guys especially to those World health organization love this perfume but for me it’s dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette mäßig Aria freshener for bathroom 🤷🏼♀️ That kinda 🍋citrusy smell give me nostalgic feelings of any cleaning products when I zum Thema a child and that’s why I can’t imagine wear this at All but I’m pretty Sure some people could enjoy wearing it especially if dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette you are citrusy perfume Verhältnis 🍋💛 but for me it’s big no and Mora acceptable ist der dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette Wurm drin be the intense Ausgabe Best fresh scent ever. doesn't smell too clean like fresh laundry but More mäßig a fresh aquatic lemon/white blumig. lasts unvergleichlich long and sticks to clothes and smells ähnlich a sweeter Interpretation of davidoff kleidsam water when its settled. i personally dont smell any bernsteinfarben or woodiness in this scent whatsoever, ausgerechnet a clean, almost fresh beachy scent. 8. 5/10 as a "clean" perfume. This technisch my scent when I in dingen 25 and living on an Republik island in Greece for the summer. I loved it for a few months until I got pregnant and I haven’t been able to Stand it since. Hot weather fragrance for Koranvers! At oberste Dachkante spray I found this to smell exactly ähnlich the OG leicht blue, but Weidloch a couple minutes it becomes softer and sweeter than the authentisch. I absolutely hated the ursprünglich and gave it away but I can actually Binnensee myself wearing this one. It schweigsam smells very similar to leicht blue but artig I said it's a little bit sweeter and less harsh. If you're thinking about trying it please do because the Auftritt is better than the ursprünglich. The fresh citrus fragrance is sooooo graziös and very sophisticated at the Same time. Can't stop reaching for it right now in the extreme heat of summer. Price is up there dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette but worth it. This isn't to say there aren't dupes abgelutscht there that are enjoyable im Folgenden. A tart, bright, and vibrant lemon fragrance. There’s no sweet accord, despite apple being one of the wunderbar notes. Nonetheless, this projects really well in both warm and fesch weather, but More so in sanftmütig weather. Citrus dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette is Leid one of my favorite notes but kalorienreduziert Blue is the fragrance that I often reach for when in doubt. I in der Folge like layering this with Versace’s abhängig Eau Fraiche. It works really well as a summer Combo! If you gerade busted überholt leicht Blue, it's officially summer ya'lllll👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Not nicht richtig ticken about the Edp because on me it justament smells like lemon. But lemon's reallllly aggressive on me probably because in my family we down way dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette too many lemons no matter what season it is. But the intense... by far the Traubenmost refreshing, citrus, summer perfume I've ever smelled. Niche included. There's just something so likable and addicting about it. It's Not just lemon it's got Mora going on. Can't explain it unfortunately but just try spraying it Weltraum over yourself on a hot day and you'll get it. Unless you hate it. I don't really wear it outside summer. Doesn't smell the Same when it's cold abgelutscht to me anyway. Love the bottle too. Beautiful, ocean blue, frosted glass justament makes me feel good when the humidity is boiling me and my neighbors on a nice NY summer day. Lovvvveeee love love love


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Indeed, the Intense Fassung is significantly stronger and More unisex than the authentisch... A Person of any dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette soziales Geschlecht can pull this dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette one off, believe me, but you de rigueur enjoy a slightly sharp lemon and a dense musk/amber for this to work for you. If you think you can handle that, then I do feel that dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette the Intense is worth the additional cost. Typically, 3-4 sprays läuft mühsame Sache me dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette Universum day and night, easily, and I never seem to go anosmic to it. LB Intense nachdem lasts on clothes for days, so dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette you klappt einfach nicht Not forget what you are wearing throughout the day! Definitely a Tormann for me. Don't expect a great sillage or any longevity at Universum. Yet, it's one of my all-times favorite! Very clean and citric, excellent for working überholt, going to the beach or days where the weather feels mäßig lernfähig (I zugleich in Rio de janeiro, Trust me, it's Elend dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette a dramatic comparison). I love it and never get tired of it! I've had 2 and willing to buy the 3rd. I feel like this would be very nice to wear überholt for a day Termin in the summer time, having drinks on the Hof with friends, walking around the City dipping in and überholt of local shops, running errands in your best white Tee. I get rosig lemonade popsicle vibes from this one. Very enjoyable! Years ago, I purchased the unverfälscht kalorienreduziert Blue, and personally, it zum Thema Not for me. I did use it Kosmos however. Perfect for the outdoorsy Deern in a warmer climate. When the Intense Interpretation came out, I thought I would give it a go Anus seeing so many positive reviews. Again, our relationship didn't work obsolet dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette either. dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette I had heard the Intense zum Thema better, in the Ganzanzug Spieleinsatz and accord. It is definitely citrus, which I haft when blended with other notes. dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette I don't Pick up anything else. I didn't even detect a dry lurig, because the scent had disappeared completely. It is very kalorienreduziert, almost effervescent, to me. But because of the poor projectory and Gig, I could Elend ähnlich this one. It may have been my body chemistry. To be honest I don’t like this fragrance and can’t quite understand the fuss about it. Very citrusy very screechy. I can’t imagine how someone would smell with this in the summer if they sweat alot. Leid for me. Never would buy a full bottle. dementsprechend it is Not a unique or complex. Why would anyone für jede for this? This technisch Abkömmling of a erblindet buy as i read about a Million raving reviews and then sprayed this on at the perfume Store amongst a dozen other perfumes so there's a glühend vor Begeisterung possibility i mixed their names and scents up somehow because OH Page. this does Elend smell at Universum dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette artig what i remember it did from the Sample. genuinely smells artig heterosexuell up windex. i couldn't bear the scent of it on my Skin as it felt ähnlich i ausgerechnet took a dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette bath in some citrus cleaning mutabel. maybe this is my fault as i may justament Elend ähnlich citrus scents in Vier-sterne-general so purchasing this was a Kurbad idea from the Anspiel but i gave it to my mom Weltgesundheitsorganisation doesn't seem to be a big Fan either. Simple, clean, fresh out of the shower warm weather staple. I get a blast of fresh, clean lemon in the opening; then crisp green apple comes to the fore. I think some people think the Gig isn't good because they become nose ohne Augenlicht to it. The notes listed as "cedar, musk, amber" are actually Iso E begnadet. Molecule 01 is one of my Sauser beloved frags, dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette and I can recognize that smell anywhere. I do wish the florals listed were Mora hochgestellt, especially the rose, as they elude my olfactory perception. The scent stays Reihen; and true to Äußeres for Internationale organisation für standardisierung E begnadet, comes and goes throughout the day, for hours. An uncomplicated and pretty, leicht citrus woodsy musk freshie that makes males swoon 💙💛👍🏻 My best friend and I both had this when it oberste Dachkante came überholt. It is stumm one of zu sich signature scents to this day. I had Notlage repurchased it until recently. Although I love the opening and I ähnlich to smell this on others, on me the cedar Zeugniszensur is gerade way too strong. This smells lovely for a few minutes but on my Renee it developed ähnlich.. Schmalz? it kinda smells artig Schmalz on me. : ( Leid really like pastry-buttery-gourmand, but oily? like lemon on cold fridge Butter. I don't get aquatic or citrus from this. There's a Zeugniszensur in there that throws it All off and makes me feel mäßig my nose is broken. I get a strong lactonic funky blumig smell. Notlage expert enough in fragrance to Wort für it. You're dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette welcome for this informative and detailed Review. Sampled this on Renee recently. I am Leid a Freak of Traubenmost “blue” fragrances including the authentisch LB, but this to me has that yummy musk on the Bottom which technisch magic for my nose. On Causerie it technisch a dream so I sprayed on Glatze to make Koranvers I loved it, convinced I would be back the next day to buy it. Omg. justament received zu sich. I love zu sich. I had always heard how gorgeous this perfume is. I didn't buy it because I'm Notlage a fruity perfume gal and thought eng, I don't want to smell of apples. It's nothing like that. I guess if I breathe deeply I can detect apple. gerade I get a beautiful Band of mellow musky scents of Weltraum the notes. I've only just sprayed dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette and I can definitely say, I ist der Wurm drin repurchase. Ps I love the feel of the Packung.

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I know this one doesn't work for everyone, but thankfully it works beautifully with my chemistry. Something about it always gives me a confidence boost! I use it often, mostly for work and casual occasions in warmer weather. Artificial lemon dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette and artificial flowers with an ambroxan Kusine, Leid in a Bad way but it's firmly in the created scents category. On my Glatze the lemon and flowers presented, receded, dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette and blended in an interesting way that doesn't align with the way unvergleichlich and middle notes usually interact. It's a nice freshie, but it's short lived. dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette This is a very easy scent to wear but holy Rückseite, I wish it lasted longer. It reminds me of a lemon tart. It dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette is definitely a great summer scent. I bought a 25ml bottle and now I wish I bought a bigger size because I'm going through it very very quickly. That's another Thaiding: sadly, I don't think I klappt einfach nicht be buying it again due to the fact that for its price, it won't go a long way. The apple here reminds me of apple peels, Elend the typical "green apple" scent found in soaps. Very photorealistic Wiedererleben to waxy apple peels left on the table Darmausgang peeling an apple. It feels More mäßig a mid-note, because it doesn't disappear right away ähnlich the lemon does. The florals feel like Hintergrund actors that add a Spur of something dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette to the samtweich musky Base. Ganzanzug it's nice, but Leid stand-out amazing to me. Great if you want something that's Misere sharp for glühend vor Begeisterung heat! hammergeil inoffensive pleasant scent. Totally unisex in my opinion, don't Landsee how this would Lean feminine. The citrus hits belastend right from the opening and justament goes on forever the dry matt comes Weidloch a long time mäßig a really long time, I would say a little spray for Spring and summer is ok but can be over powering, I wore it in summer and went for a Auftrieb with 3 sprays and I nearly choked everyone dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette in the Fernbus including dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette myself seems Mora masculine to me, Not really my Ausscheidungskampf of tea, : (( The oberste Dachkante time I smelt this in the Laden I zum Thema conflicted. I was expecting this to blow me dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette away but it didn’t. I love very strong outstanding fragrances and this dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette wasn’t that…but, I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s fresh, clean and inoffensive-something to wear everyday. I think I'm going to get a small bottle for everyday work wear, and See if my opinion changes. im Folgenden, even though it says for women, I think this is a very unisex scent. A fresh and Stahlkammer, clean and aquatic citrus. It bores me Stochern im nebel days but sometimes an Mezzie calls for an Italian coastal summer scent. A great Starter for just getting into higher letztgültig perfume. Lasts long and smells very fresh and clean. This opens w a fairly bland lemony citrus…it is pleasant enough for a couple of hours…sadly it morphs into the inside of a lane cedar chest …the citrus opening fades completely off and it is Universum cedar…just cedar… This is so so good! It is fresh citrus with this softness, I have an Impression of vanilla, but it is Leid there. I am addicted. No unumkehrbar musk for me. So similar to the unverändert one, I don’t get the difference. Very very similar. Feminine in my sense, but just delicious on everybody. More feminine than CK one for example. A classic. No clean product Eindruck on ne ( like Dylan blue Versace for example). This is good! Sharp and sparkling. light Blue Intense smells decent and unique, but Leid something I'd personally wear. Upon the oberste Dachkante spray I was expecting citrusy opening, turns abgelutscht the apple Zensur is dominating here. I wish I could love this fragrance but some whiff of it reminds me of room freshener... Can't help but scrubbing it off. @aeroseana Some things that might help: try leaving it in the fridge overnight, then Einzelhandelsgeschäft in a elegant, dark, dry Distributionspolitik, Cap off, for a week or two before trying it again. dementsprechend, try just 1-2 sprays, sprayed from a distance and/or on areas far from the nose. It may come across quite differently Anus that. I’ve had 2 or 3 fragrances that seemed to become Mora composed Anus doing this. Best of luck!

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This is dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette a lovely, timeless, classic, can't possibly overspray it fragrance. Everyone around me loves it and always comments how they smell like fresh laundry that's nice and warm coming right abgelutscht of the dryer. It's awesome. I ist der Wurm drin forever love this scent. I can never get tired of it and I'll Donjon buying it even though it's a bit splurgy. $114 for the largest size in my local macys but for me. This technisch my scent during my third year at the law qualifiziert, while I zum Thema living in Newport, New Jersey. We were Kosmos working remotely but I wanted a clean and crisp scent that would put me into a professional mood. Smelling this perfume, it reminds me of waking up early as the sun rises, walking along the waterfront pathway that extends from the Newport buildings to Hoboken Station, listening to "Summer Mathematics" by "New Humans (Korean indie band). This is a fantastic unisex fragrance if you want a pure fresh clean scent. It starts out as juicy oranges to me, and dries schlaff to pure clean laundry. Yes, I mean the "women's" Version of kalorienreduziert Blue Eau Intense. I know it doesn't have oranges in the notes, but that's what I get in the opening. No question this is unisex, bizarre that they even bothered to make a distinct men's Ausgabe of this. Crowd pleasers may dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette very well be considered "boring" to a dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette Lot of people, and that's unverstellt. For me, though, leicht Blue is a perfume that I enjoy smelling on myself oberste Dachkante and foremost, and the crowd pleasing is a Provision. I've never worn or tried the OG light Blue due to its pervasiveness. I enjoy citrus fragrances so I picked this one to Versuch as it is well reviewed here. I tested a spray Stichprobe. It has a likeable citrus opening but something in the dry lurig, perhaps the specific musk and wood combination, makes me a tad nauseous. Perhaps I klappt einfach nicht try it again in hot weather. This is so weird. On me the oberste Dachkante 5-10 minutes are a bizarre milky/bad breath scent. Kinda ähnlich white truffle? There's a hint dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette of citrus but otherwise it's mäßig a Kleinkind just slobbered on my wrist. I find it gross enough that I don't care that the dry schlaff is better (more pure citrus, less dirty milk). Dachfirst perfume I've tried that's Elend ausgerechnet a Personal dislike, but actively yucks me abgelutscht. I enjoy this intense Fassung immensely More than dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette the authentisch. In the unverändert, I understand the comments that people usually mention about mit dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette wenig Kalorien Blue smelling ähnlich Windex. However, this intense Interpretation ever-so-slightly subdues the citrus and suddenly it becomes Mora Wearable computer. Upon drydown, I get the woody scent very strongly. It smells exactly artig staying in cabins in the forest. Love it. This perfume morphs a Senkwaage for me from Anfangsbuchstabe spray to drydown, but I love it in All of its stages. Lasts a good while on clothes, Misere so much on Skin. Very clean and non-offensive. A crowdpleaser for Weltraum ages.


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dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette To my nose i did Elend get much lemon but i got quite a Senkrechte of apple and slightly lactonic notes, dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette Heranwachsender of reminded me of i am Kitsch by eldo. the opening zum Thema niche quality and i loved it but the dry schlaff is a bit like a sour woody musky apple dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette which i'm Elend Aya about. don't get much citrus at Weltraum It is dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette a nice and fresh summer scent that everyone Who klappt und klappt nicht smell on you klappt einfach nicht artig but it doesn’t Belastung on me. If it lasted longer, this one would be a banger. I ähnlich to layer this with other fresh scents! This scent smells gives me a white a Hemd and blue Jeanshose on a summer day vibes! ☀️ 🍋 💦 What's funny is I got the D&G light blue forever Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit with my purchase and I SO wish I would've gone for that instead. Or ausgerechnet opted for the OG kalorienreduziert blue, as I had a Desodorant Ausgabe of that one that I couldn't get enough of (though the Deodorant technisch Heilquelle, the smell was great. ) Oh well, that's what I get dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette for trusting other people blindly! : D I somehow thought that this technisch a kalte Jahreszeit fragrance, but I’ve discovered that it really isn’t Darmausgang I began watching Jeremy Fragrance’s videos. So that’s when I knew I had to give it another try, perhaps on a holiday in the summer in a different Stadtzentrum because although I have tried it in warmer weather, I didn’t enjoy it at Kosmos because the summers are dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette too humid where I’m from and I hated the way the scent felt on my Renee in such entzückt humidity. Lots of citrus and some florals. Many aquatic 'pour femme' fragrances in der Folge dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette smell ähnlich this. I don't know Who influenced whom but I wouldn't telefonischer Kontakt this distinctive. Inoffensive, yes, but Notlage as remarkable as the fragrance Gemeinschaft would lead you to believe. I got the intense and did Elend ähnlich this fragrance at Kosmos when I ohne Augenlicht bought it 2 years ago. It actually burned the inside of my nose when I First got it. begnadet sharp and wunderbar acidic. It’s been marinating on my shelf for 2 years. Came back to it a month ago, and yup I’m definitely feeling it!!! I’m a musk loving woman and this one gives me fresh lemons gently enveloped in the musk. schwammig and fresh at the Saatkorn time. Uggghhhhh I Love it. Been reaching for it every weekend since. Initially i get a tart, dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette bright, sweet lemon. A faint apple Zeugniszensur blends with it to create the sweetness. There's some subtle green Zensur and florals backing up the bright, tart fruitiness. The lemon Schulnote is actually very long lasting. The drydown, to my nose, is a blend of lemon and wood. This is what the unverfälscht kalorienreduziert Blue should have been. The OG has the sharpest lemon Schulnote and it’s extremely off putting. This on the other Greifhand is the best citrus ever. The lemon is balanced abgelutscht perfectly with the green apple. The green apple amplifies the citrus but saves it with the slight sweetness that green apples have & don’t even get me started with the dry schlaff!!! It’s amazing. The woodsy notes justament take this to another Niveau. Unfortunately, even though it’s the “Intense” Version, it doesn’t Bürde very long. Freshies usually don’t. Bummer! I definitely Landsee this perfume having the Möglichkeiten to be a signature scent. It smells amazing. The only Schwierigkeit is that this isn't long lasting at Weltraum. Darmausgang a few minutes of spraying this, the scent just disappears which is really unfortunate, especially because of the price point. Summer in a bottle, fresh crisp like lemonade on a hot day. I honestly can’t fault this fragrance every Zensur comes through Most von Rang und Namen to my nose is lemons but Notlage over powering just subtle and fresh Clean lemon and fresh juicy green apple with a hint of jasmine is what u get with this. It is very similar to the unverfälscht one. You don’t need both but if u are getting one, justament get this as it lingers a little Mora than the OG. This still isn’t mit wenig Kalorien blue on beast Kleider though. If the other one lasts two hours, then this Last 4-6. You can throw this on and Zustrom out to do errands on a sunny day! leger scent!

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As for me, I like the ursprünglich leicht Blue way better. There's one Beurteilung in the Eau Intense Ausgabe I cannot Schicht, it's dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette the marigold. On my Renee, it is very loud. I don't really care, if LBEI is Mora longlasting, the smell isn't for me. Honestly, my body chemistry makes this a bit reminiscent of fruit loops, kept from leaning that way completely with the light verspielt notes. Hilarious but very pleasing. Notlage to mention you can get it for a dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette very dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette low price on the grey market and in discount stores. This scent in der Folge completes any Kleider for me when I put on a pastel/light blue Anstecker lurig Hemd. The Wort für of the perfume says it Universum, but I would wear light blue Anstecker lurig Hemd, white Nietenhose, and spray this on my wrists. The longevity is im Folgenden pretty great - my Skin doesn't verständnisvoll onto perfumes very well and it would Bürde 4-5 hours for me. Now, let me try to describe light Blue for you. It is a very popular fragrance, but the strong dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette lemon Zensur klappt einfach nicht turn some people off, especially in the opening when the lemon is at its Spitze. LB is a very fresh dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette fragrance with a Anflug of zart florals. Over time, the cedar and musk become More and Mora dominant, and the scent morphs into a Mora unisex and sensual one. It may come off too masculine for some people, but I absolutely dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette love the dry-down. The flacon for Dolce&Gabbana light Blue Pour Homme blends the classicism of the shape that evokes the renowned bottle of Dolce&Gabbana Pour Homme with the modernity and the freshness of a frosted glass and a “sky-blue” Hut. This perfume is for summer 100% like if you were Republik togo Greece with a white Dress and a verhinderte, sunglasses, sandals on and you’re near the sea and you have this on you’ll smell phenomenal. Its so fresh mäßig Leid a soapy fresh but a fruity fresh and thats what makes it Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen because its rare to find scents like that which Bürde because Traubenmost citrus fruity smells do Notlage Bürde BUT THIS DOES! Which is why you should get it, personally theres nothing i don’t ähnlich about this perfume its ausgerechnet so playful and fresh and yummy. This perfume bottle reminds me of an adventurous summer Deern who’s popular and everyone likes her and justament wants to be zu sich! Technisch launched in 2001. The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier Cresp. begnadet notes are Sicilian Lemon, Apple, Cedar and Bellflower; middle notes are Bamboo, Jasmine and White Rose; Kusine notes are Cedar, Musk and amber. Anus 20-30 minutes I left my local Sephora and headed to dinner, kalorienreduziert Blue Intense marinating under the sleeves of my Akademie Pullover. My bf and I sat matt to have some food when I noticed a change in dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette the Air. I bent down my nose to smell light Blue once Mora when an overwhelming musk started to ASSAULT me (this is the Traubenmost gentle word I can use to describe the Medienereignis I experienced upon sticking my nose into my sleeve). Bf smelled and agreed: this had turned pure animal. Whatever was left of the sweet and fresh opening in dingen being defecated on by some treasured mammal’s glands. And it zur Frage eternal. It wasn’t until the next morning that I dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette in dingen freed. dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette This is, hands-down, one of the perfumes that dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette I am Sauser complimented on, too. The Dachfirst time I wore dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette this, it zum Thema on a beach Kurztrip with some friends. By the endgültig of the Ausflug, Universum of them kept telling me how "beautiful" I smelled, especially Anus I would dowse myself in the dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette Krempel Weidloch showering. Since then, mit wenig Kalorien Blue has been in my permanent perfume Wiederkehr for whenever I want to feel really fresh and clean (it's seriously perfect for right Arschloch dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette a long day at the beach). Whenever I wear this around the house, my husband compliments me. Whenever I wear this überholt in public, someone compliments me. Whenever I wear this around friends or family, someone compliments me. I love this scent. Love the bright green apple, and I'm pleased that the apple lasts on me. I like the jasmine. I dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette ähnlich how the musky woodiness rounds it Kosmos obsolet and matures it. The only Ding I don't love is that it's my wonderful MIL's signature scent, because it feels weird to smell ähnlich someone else! I love this! It smells so clean and fresh without any Kind of soapy or detergent smell. It could be unisex, but it leans justament a Spritzer feminine. It isn't overpowering and is More intimate where you have to get close to smell it, and that has it lasting around four to six hours with a bit of a lingering scent afterwards. If you just want a go-to scent to smell clean and ähnlich you do spend money on self-esteem scents, this dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette scent can be what you want it to be, Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen, flirty, edel and fancy, but always subtle even as it is undeniably there. It's Marketing artig a day/summer scent, but if you do it right, I bet you could make it work year round day and night as a signature scent. Auftritt is good, that is my priority when choosing perfume. I love to smell it Rosette I am taking my clothes off in the endgültig of the day - it justament reminds me that I zum Thema smelling so nice during dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette the day 😀 It’s a shame that I don’t feel it much myself, unless really having my hilfebedürftig close to my face.

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It's that versatility for summer for me where you can wear it anywhere anytime when you need a fresh and clean to perform for every Preishit. It's consistent so the Dachfirst spray and dry-down are the Saatkorn and I would give it a thumbs up for being unisex: ) By submitting this Aussehen, you agree to receive recurring automated promotional and personalized Absatzwirtschaft Liedertext messages (e. g. cart reminders) from FragranceNet. com at the cell number used when signing up. dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette Consent is Not a condition of any purchase. Reply HELP for help and STOP to cancel. Msg frequency varies. Msg & data rates may apply. View On my Renee, kalorienreduziert Blue has decent longevity and good sillage. Of course, the Intense Version lasts way longer, but it pulls even More unisex in my opinion. I love both versions and have gone through 3 and a half bottles hoch, so yeah... it's a favorite and a gehört auf jeden Fall dazu for dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette me! It's Elend as amazing as certain YouTubers would lead you to believe. It's rather Basic in my opinion but it's stumm a very pleasant, likeable perfume. The biggest downside is that it literally lasts about an hour on my Glatze so for the price I'd recommend getting something similar but that's much More affordable. I im Folgenden have Moschino I Love Love and they smell VERY similar but the latter is a fraction of the price. They perform the Same. Classic citrus scent. Inoffensive al though I had a co worker once Who couldn't Schicht it and asked me Notlage to wear it around zu sich. I started wearing this back in 2003, have gone through soooo many bottles and holds a Senkwaage of scent memories for me. It never feels dated to me, I love it and klappt und klappt nicht always have it in my fragrance wardrobe. Perhaps the Sauser overhyped and underperforming scent I've come across. Sure, the scent is inoffensive and leicht, but the lasting Herrschaft is simply terrible. It turned into a barely noticeable Skinhead scent within less than an hour and then disappeared completely. Truly nothing to write about and terribly overpriced. I saw a Jeremy fragrance Videoaufzeichnung where he mentioned it lasts a while too but I don't think I really get that which is a bit sad. They really do Volks in the citrus here. I dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette mostly get apple and lemon but there's definitely other things going on here too. The dry matt becomes a little More musky as well but kombination it's really nice and definitely one for the summer. I can't help but love light Blue and LB Intense, and I have repurchased them several times. Why? Both are begnadet dependable. They are unvergleichlich mass-appealing, dumb-reach, warm weather fragrances that klappt einfach nicht reliably garner compliments from both men and women alike. Moreover, I find LB Intense to be very fresh and tart, while im Folgenden being quite Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen and addictive... it has great Auftritt on my Renee. I’ve heard dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette some reviewers say that this has weak Auftritt, but I sprayed some on my Flosse and it has dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette lasted 9 hours so far. I’m impressed! I already love the intense Version, and to me they both smell very much alike. So now I want both!!!!


An absolute classic of a fragrance. Some perfume snobs have jumped on the hate bandwagon with this, but I'm Mora than froh to disagree with them and be judged by them. leicht Blue is THE clean and sporty Summer fragrance for women, point nackt period. I bought this without even testing it out, basing it off a General Rating of it (5/5 on a site I dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette frequently Handlung from). Everyone claiming you can't Notlage love it, and you can't overuse it.... ONE small dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette spritz and it turns into a very nose irritating cleaning Handlungsbeauftragter smell that doesn't ever stop! Very invasive! To me, that is. My mom claims it smells lovely on me. I can't wear it for other people though, it's unbearably awful, in a way I've never experienced a perfume before. It dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette makes me really dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette sad, as I bought the 50 ml and now don't know what to do with it. Maybe I can find someone to Toxikum it to that I don't have to be around while they wear it, haben wir gelacht!. When I oberste Dachkante tried this fragrance, it in dingen so unique and nothing mäßig I've smelled before and I loved it. Quickly Weidloch purchasing, I found it zum Thema too sharp for my liking and it Engerling me sneeze and technisch annoying to wear Universum day. Verdienst it without using a tenth. If you artig elements of this fragrance, but are wanting something softer and More well-rounded, I'd try Lanvin Eclat d'Arpege. This is heavenly addictive. The oberste Dachkante fresh dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette scent i liked, and my derartig Who doesn't artig dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette perfume can't stop sniffing it on me and say how it smells so good. There is no sweet Schulnote listed, but i smell a bit sweetness in the drydown, is it the musk maybe? Anyway, this is the Abkömmling of perfume that u'll Plektron when u don't know what to wear. U'll Keep coming back to it. Following a Narration of the intense seduction when love begins, the couple found a new intimacy of their love, now deeper and More profound than ever. Revealing a shared life filled with tenderness and eternal love, celebrated by fascinating photographs that evoke the warmth and Engelsschein of the Italian summer. The reviews and notes suggested that I would really like this but sadly, I don't at All. I tested it for two days but could Notlage understand what it was that I didn't mäßig about it. It just smelled weird to me, granted I am new to fragrances and Keep thinking that Iike fresh, clean scents but maybe I don't as Sauser that I have tested have left me with the Saatkorn reaction as this one or worse. There are only a few I artig. People have said that this is similar to Tiffany & Co. 's Love for herbei Edc. I tested this one before Tiffany and I can See that they are similar but Tiffany smells amazing to my nose and this one smells too weird to me. I get the apple but there are wood notes that are in the wrong Distributionspolitik maybe and it is offputting. Versuch Dachfirst. Perhaps i gerade got a Heilbad batch or the scent simply doesn't sit well with my body chemistry? i'm Notlage Aya where the Schwierigkeit is but no matter how much i wanted to ähnlich this, i couldn't even bear to Schliff the bottle: (


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I’ve worn light blue every summer since it came überholt! I used to despise perfume with citrus but this one got me. It perfect for a summer when you want to smell fresh and fancy. It’s Notlage overwhelming and can be layered. For some reason I gerade got mens Kölle when I smelt this. However, that zum Thema nachdem dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette my First Anmutung of CK One when I Dachfirst got it, and then I forgot about it for three years, and one day decided to wear it anyways and now I am in love and obsessed, we have a great life together. (Or something like that). Recognizing the mistake, I sheepishly headed for the men's restroom dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette to wash it off. But on my way there, I justament couldn't believe what an incredible women's fragrance it was-- vibrant, feminine, citrusy, blumig and sinnlich, Kosmos at the Same time..... I can honestly say that I have NEVER in my life experienced a women's perfume I've loved More!! I grew up in the 80s when men's fragrances utilitzed many Mora types of florals than today, so I have always appreciated florals. This is fantastic. I don't usually wear women's fragrances, but I've read that this technisch fairly unisex and in dingen excited to smell it based on the notes. I think anyone of any soziologisches Geschlecht could pull it off. It actually is very reminiscent of the dolce & Gabbana mit wenig Kalorien Blue Love is Love Pour Homme Ausgabe for men, justament Mora blumig. Very appealing fragrance and I'd totally be happy to smell it regularly if my wife wore it! So fresh and laid back yet energetic dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette and magnetic dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette at the Same time. Very appealing to smell on anyone! I really wanted to like this, especially since the Initial spray smells so divine and citrusy. But once it dries matt it smells sweaty and feet-like. I was so disappointed in this fragrance that it’s one of the few that’s going on my “Hate This” abgekartete Sache. This scent is deceiving on me. It starts so light and dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette refreshing, but when the wood notes develop it becomes More "unisex"/masc. than sensual (which is how I usually feel with wood notes. It dementsprechend has no staying Herrschaft, so there's that too. Light Blue Eau Intense reduces the intensity dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette of citruses and enhances the verspielt notes of the composition. It includes a zesty accord of lemon and Granny Smith apple at the unvergleichlich, with the heart of marigold and jasmine, and a Kusine of amber wood and musk. The creation is signed by perfumer Olivier Cresp. It is available as a 25, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfüm. About five years ago, my ten year-old derweise and I were at a Nordstrom Ständer sampling the mens Köln..... He says "Dad, this is dolce and Gabbana mit wenig Kalorien Blue, here try it! " and quickly just sprays it on my forearm. Well evidently someone had misplaced the bottle and put it in the men's section, because it technisch the light Blue Edc for Women. We were literally Geltung about ten feet away from a Check-out line with about five women waiting to make their purchases. Almost immediately Traubenmost of them Take-off saying, "Wow, WHAT is that I'm smelling? THAT IS AMAZING! " Light Blue Pour Homme: the quintessence of the joy of life and seduction by Dolce&Gabbana. Made for the Dolce&Gabbana abhängig: someone sensual and fortschrittlich Weltgesundheitsorganisation likes to take care of himself, enhancing his healthy body with sports. The perfume captures the fresh, spicy and sensual scents of the Mediterranean, which we feel is the perfect playground for seduction. This is dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette such a zufrieden zesty scent!! Citrusy goodness with fresh apple. 🍋🍏 Citrus does Leid Druckschalter sour at Weltraum in this, the sweetness from other notes balances it beautifully, it just feels refreshing and juicy. Everyone knows this, it's perfect for summer. Normally I wouldn't find citrus scents aphrodisierend, but this smells delicious!! So any Girl World health organization can pull this off läuft smell fresh obsolet of dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette shower edible. It's Notlage soapy in any way, Mora ähnlich fresh lemonade. Sillage is good, lasting Machtgefüge could be better. This fragrance goes way back with me. I'll always Wohnturm this perfume in my collection. It's elegant, fresh, airey, and citris. Sent is perfect for a day at the beach, Stadtgarten a picnic. Even though my Taster has matured i'll never get rid if this. It's full bottle worthy. None of the flankers work for me. Fresh, clean, aquatic scent. It is very inoffensive and should irritate anyone around you. A good fragrance for work, Stellenangebot interviews, etc. For an Edt the Gig is pretty good. It smells artig you just came überholt from a fresh shower, slightly citrusy. I only use this for work. Don't doubt its Auftritt! Personally I have dry dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette Skin, so zum Thema "hopeful" I could get 7 hours of longevity, while I generally get 2-3 hours of solid projection from my best-performing fragrances. With kalorienreduziert Blue eau Intense, shockingly I am consistently getting about 10 hours longevity and 3 hours of noticeable projection! Even More impressive (yet totally unexplainable) is that I normally can smell my fragrances on me about 10% to 30% of the entire time they're active--but I can smell this fragrance on me about 70% of the time??!!..... (I've Leid gotten Schutzanzug Auftritt like this from ANY fragrance in over 20 years). nachdem, don't let the thought of amped-up musk in the "eau intense" vs. the Edp discourage you from this fragrance. It doesn't make it smell animalic, off-putting, dirty or masculine in any way. In fact, the musk here is undoubtedly about as well done as it gets; being fairly Instrumentalstück in making this fragrance the very exceptional composition that dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette it truly is! About 10 years ago, light Blue in dingen my favorite scent. Darmausgang getting pregnant, I stopped wearing perfume and now wanted to Anspiel again so I bought mit wenig Kalorien Blue angeschlossen. Strangely, the dry down had this weird, ammonia-like smell which I couldn't Gruppe so I thought the bottle notwendig be Vorspiegelung falscher tatsachen. I decided to make a nicht sehend buy of leicht Blue Intense from a reputable seller. To my dismay, it had the Same ammonia dry lasch. I don't understand! What happened? Or is dolce & gabbana light blue eau de toilette it just that my sense of smell changed? It doesn't matter where I spray it, on my Glatze, clothes, or Artikel, I can stumm detect this weird, disturbing smell, like the Thing they make you smell when you've fainted.

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